Our 25 Year Journey, A Time To Give Back

In honor of DCM's 25th Anniversary, we want to make an impact for those who, perhaps, have had a more difficult path. We want to take this opportunity to give back. We are going to build a Habitat for Humanity home in 2020. This home will be built for a deserving family aspiring for an improved life. We haven’t met them yet, but we can’t wait.

Why Habitat for Humanity? 


For 25 years, our firm's investment philosophy has been founded on three core principles; Security, Income, and Growth. Through these principles, we developed our core investment strategies that have enabled us to embark on this adventure of helping our clients through their own journeys. 

Habitat for Humanity's mission is very similar. Here's how: 


SECURITY  What's more Secure than a home? A home gives you shelter, warmth, and protection. Since 1984, Habitat for Humanity of Evansville has built 511 homes and has served over 875 children. A home provides the Security that families need to lead more productive lives, with less worry, knowing they have a stable roof over their heads.



INCOME  Homes help families become more stable and more self-reliant. More self-sufficient families who are less reliant on assistance programs benefit the whole community. The organization also requires a 6-month Money Management Seminar for every homeowner, which helps lay the groundwork for better Income management and potential future Income growth.

Since 1984, over $1.4 million in property taxes has been paid by Habitat homeowners. Last year, the economic impact of Habitat - through construction, local business Income, move-in spending - was over $3.7 million.


GROWTH  Homes allow for more Growth. Children of homeowners do better in school, have fewer behavioral problems, graduate from high school at higher rates, and are more likely to become homeowners themselves.

Habitat also offers a wide variety of training and educational support to families. From career advancement, home improvement, to parenting classes, there is a true foundation for continued Growth within the Habitat for Humanity family. 

Lastly, since 1984, over 166 Habitat Homeowners have paid off their mortgage. Owning a home, debt free, is another pathway for Growth, allowing resources to focus on other financial goals. 

Habitat is not a handout. It is a “hand up.” Families earn the right to buy a Habitat home. Prior to being approved for a home of their own, they must invest 150 hours of sweat equity helping another family build their home. Then, they must spend no less than another 150 hours helping volunteers build the house they will buy. Habitat homeowners take on a 25-year, no interest mortgage. The payments they make go towards funding a new home for another family. It’s a wonderful upward spiral.

How Can You Help Us Make An Impact?


Donate  If you'd like to join our mission by donating, please click here to visit the Habitat For Humanity of Evansville website and select the "Donaldson Capital Management 25th Anniversary Build." Checks can also be mailed to: Habitat for Humanity of Evansville, 560 E. Diamond Ave, Evansville, IN 47711, memo "DCM Build."

Follow Us  Please "like" our Facebook page to stay connected! We will be sharing updates on the selected family, progress of the build, as well as details on the home dedication and other events. 

Volunteer  If you'd like to join us by volunteering to help build the house, we would be honored to have you. Please email us at dcm@dcmol.com and we will keep you updated as the volunteer schedule is finalized in the months to come.

Here's to another 25 years and making this a celebration with long lasting impact.

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